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You're My Favorite Man


it's been so long

who even knows what day it is

im so strong

for waiting waiting waiting so long

for u to arrive at my doorstep alive

only with longer hair and a tan

youre my favorite man

youre my favorite man


sometimes i get bored 

of waiting around

so i write songs like this -- 

theyre not profound

but i think u get the point: i miss you miss you miss you

only wanna kiss n kiss u, yeah that's the plan

cause yre my favorite man

sha la la la la la la la 


stop look n listen

baby whats that sound?

its my heart on a mission to p-p-p-pound

and i think i found it

i tell u what, i think i found it . . 


it's not a plant, it's not a rug, it's not a bird, it's not a bug

it's not a whale of a cocktail or some shoulder bout to shrug

it's not a movie beyond me or above . . .

it's love  . . . 


i think i found true love

i think i found true love

i think i found true love

and that's got to be enough . . .

it's got to be . . . you




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