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such a tragedy such a shame i had to push u in front of the train 

i was walkin u couldnt keep up u kept on talkin u wouldnt shut up 

n im so sorry but thats what i do when somebody upsets me n u always do 

n it's very sad yre such a mush everybody heard when yr body went sploosh 

u know it could have been jim instead it was u im so sorry it's just i thought u knew 

u can always count on me to bring u down bop baa 


when someones a moron or a jerk they keep on flirtin with yr boyfren it starts to hurt 

yre ragin with fire yr face is so red man if only they would drown or choke or drop dead 

oh it can happen a matter of will u just pick yr poison and u let it spill 

into their coffee or into their beer thats how u make them disappear 

u can always count on me to bring u down bop baa 


yre waitin in line at the bank of new york somebody cuts u like a knife and fork 

tap on their shoulder spit in their face say hey im sorry u just stole my space 

if they feel guilty and trade spots with u cause thats the natural and the right thing to do 

calm down let it go worse things have happened in new york altho 

if they ignore u n turn back aroun choose yr weapon n never ever back down 

it may be a hammer it could be a gun doesnt really matter as long as u run 

as quick as u can away from the scene just leave the janitor the body to clean 

n dont think about it never feel mean i murdered yr ma it was only a dream  ;o)

u can always count on me to bring u down bop baa



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