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There Are Red Roses


help me the dishwasher's on 
and i love you too much 
help me . . . something is wrong 
(such and such and such) 
oh for a taste of your touch 
oh for a taste of your touch 
that be too much that be too much. 
this is how you write a song 
when you're not knowing what you're doing 
let your fingers touch the strings 
let your minor thoughts be brewing 
i write songs i write songs 
i never thought it was a special talent especially 
i never thought i was special 
any bud can do it if theyre honest naturally 
it doesnt take a scientist 
even a scientist isnt always a genius 
doesnt take a rock scientist to know all we need is love 
john lennon was right 
there are red roses there are red roses there are red roses 
on the table tnite there are red roses there are red roses 
there are red roses but i cant eat them for dinner 
this is the part when i'm stuck this is the part 
when i dont give enough 
i am trying to do something in my life 
w.out some meaning w.out some meaning 
i would rather be sharp than a butter knife 
i would rather be dreaming . . .

has anybody ever told you what happens when you die?

has anybody ever told you what happens when you lie?

recently i have learned

what john lennon meant by instant karma

i learned it from this dr. named gabor mate

instant karma means we suffer immediately

like if we tell a lie 

we become narrower right away

(narrower right away)

how long can i keep going with this song?

my fingers keep playing different chords

here's a weird one, o-o-oh

here's a weird one.

this is yr mind

it's how it thinks

when you drink...

i'm drinking a martini...

there are some people out there who will listen to this

and find genius in it 

and i think that's stupid!

if you gave anyone a guitar and tell them to play some chords

they'd say the same bullshit

but in all honesty 

this is how the good songs get written... written

and in all honesty i feel as tho my heart's been bitten...

sittin at a table

im hopin i am able

that i am able

to make beauty out of guitar strings and some wood




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