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So You Go Away


So you go away

You go your way and then I will go mine

I know where the snow falls

And I know where the sin shines

Sippin' my tea in the mornin' time

Where I wonder 'bout every possibility

(I'm on my knees!)


Today it looks like the sky may turn over

(Yeah, it may)

Today it looks like the crowd might laugh too loud

Time's runnin' out

I gotta wait until the whole thing blows over

And it's got to


Now they say I'm crazy

They said it so sincerely so

I believed it was true

But if I'm so crazy

The insanest part is what it makes you

You and your suitcase and your lover, the nude cook

And the window in the kitchen

I think the maid might wanna look


Somewhere in the meadow

Somewhere in the meadow where we dream

We take our little bath and then

We think about the things in the stream

Where we go half crazy until we figure out what it all means

Then we laugh

We laugh 'cause we don't have to scream anymore




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