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Rock, Scissors, Paper (RSP)


so i have under two minutes to sing u this song

it's quite the challenge actually because ive loved u so long

n i kno im always writin so u think im good with words

but i can hardly express how i feel cause words arent why love is real


there was a message in a bottle at the bottom of the sea

somebody mistook rock for paper accid-d-dentally 

so their letter never made it to the lover they adore

i had to fish it from the ocean floor


and i kno u wont believe me but i swear to god it's true

the letter said "i love u but i dunno why i do" 

and thats exactly when it hit me thats exactly how i feel

cause tho my love is real i dunno why i love you i just do


now i have under fifty seconds to finish this song

it's still surprising people wonder how weve lasted so long

do u remember when we wed how everyone said it was wrong

well really who cares how they feel? wise friends arent why love is real!

and i dunno why i love you i just do


now theres a singer in new york -- his name is dave deporis

and i stole a line of verse from him to make my chorus

and id write it by myself except what can u do but steal

when what u wanna say has already been written?


n this happens all the time with books n songs n even wine

except the last one is a secret since for that one youll get fined

im getting off the subject but at least it's not a crime

that tho my love is real and oh my love it's real

i dunno why i love you i just do




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