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One May Die So Lonely


remind me again just what you were sayin

when you walked in the room when the music was playin

when i was lost too but in my own thoughts

n I could not find you


tell me your story im liss'nin this time

i can get us sunglasses n a bottle of wine

we can sit on the carpet sit on the table or sit on the moon


u can reach for my hand 

u can say what you like

or just what u just can't stand

u can be a boy or a little ol man

be what you want--even nothin at all--

be with me


n why not forgive us quit holdin your breath 

n reachin with y right hand like it's all that is left

for the knob of the door--

i love all your ankles

u fall on my floor


u roll your eyes

yre so sick of this

"jaymay, the bracelet i placed on yr wrist--you lost it"

lets face it, i think we both lost it 

a little bit


i know yre livin in londumb

cause you keep on complainin 

where is the sunshine it always is rainin

thats all i am hearin skies arent clearin

yr eyes keep on tearin 

yre missin NY


but do you miss me

do you miss our talks

do you miss our touchin 

n our midnite walks 

do you miss the ocean

do you miss the sand

do you miss me at all  . . . man?/miss seerman

n i have to laugh like crazy

i really think yre crazy

u might as well ask me if a hot day's all hazy

is yr left eye still navy

have i ever laid lazy with you on the grass


lets get somethin straight 

cause i really do hate

this feelin that's growin

to think yre knowin

wherever i may run 

even if it's dumb

i love only u

u are the only one


so it really doesn't matter

If im sorta havin fun

If for a cool/cruel even second

i get a glimpse of the sun

whether singin on the stages or fillin up the pages

somethins undone


n this song ends here

cause yre really not near /really really weird

we haven't said a word in over a year

it just gives me hope

like music is a rope 

to hold u right here


n im sorry for these lines

n im sorry for my crimes

n im sorry for the oceans i sails all the times

if i ever gave you somethin it prolly was the notion 

i never gave you nothin but a very hard time ;o(




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