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Have To Tell You


i have to tell u i love u my love

i have to get all these words off my chest

i kno this worlds a fool for lovers

oh but my love u aint nothin like the rest


im willin to chance every cent on my love

im willin to throw reservations away

im willin to dance any waltz with my love

im here to hear all that u have to say


n theres no shame that could keep me from u

tho im so scared im never scared enough

i dont care i dont care whatever i have to do

theres only u and u r love


my loves a harp strim-strummin on my heart

strummin the song i must hear again

my love could mend what tumbles my love could mend what crumbles

my love begins where other lovers end


i never knew the strength of touch

it's not like knowin right from wrong

cause u think u kno love, u think u kno love, u think u kno love, u think u kno it . . .

until love walks into our arms




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