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Cassie's Song


if u had yr way 

would u choose to stay

if yr mind did not
cooperate too hot

not that it ever did
since u were a kid
on the floor 

u were rollin around 

respondin to sound
i'm sure 

i'm sure somewhere in yr mind
u have peace of mind 


than any of us –
we all make a fuss 

in our core 

can you deny the score? 
oh i cant lie anymore 

if u had yr way
would u choose to stay 

in new york 

or would u prefer
somewhere much warmer 

like LA – i kno 

u never could say
“like that” or “this way”
or implore 

u never could run
go outside have fun
and explore 

all the hands on yr face
markin a place 

on yr forehead 

no no no they dont understand 

no grand master plan’s
in the hand of 

the lord denies the score
oh i can’t lie anymore 

if u had yr way
would yr ashes spray 

from the shore 

of the great south bay
near one-eight-three
s. snedecor 

i kno all day we would lay 

in the shade of
an old sycamore 

my thoughts resound
each leaf fallin down 


with each passin day 

i’ll open and close
the same door 

to find u 

thirsty and cryin 

inside who’s dyin more? 

how can you deny the score
oh i won’t lie anymore




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