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All Souls 


aden was an angry man 

he lived alone w.out his fam

he shoulda known better but 

i kno this shit can happen man

to anyone n anyone is u 

n anyone is me


aden was a bitter man 

who lived alone w.out a plan

he thought he held one in his hand 

but those were only rubber band

he shoulda known better but 

i notice this keeps happenin

to everyone n everyone is me 

n everyone is u . . . too


all i want is all i see

n all i see is u n me


aden was a lonely man 

longin for attention n

he posted signs thru all the land 

that say: u wanna join my band?

he found some men who understand 

a musician aint nothin but

a lonely man w.out a fren 

whos clam'rin for attention like 


anyone n anyone is u . . . 

ask anyone like . . . me


oh if everyones like me

then everyone loves u . . . too



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